The History, Rise, Future, Market & Trends of the KETO Lifestyle.

The History, Rise, Future, Market & Trends of the KETO Lifestyle.

Clever KETO Dieting


History of the Ketogenic Diet.

The ketogenic diet was discovered in 1921 by Dr. Russel Wilder, MD, of the Mayo Clinic as a treatment for epilepsy. At about the same time, German biochemist and Nobel laureate Otto Warburg published a study showing that cancer cells, unlike normal cells, use glucose to advance & grow.

Rise of the KETO/Low Carb diet movement.

What constitutes a “movement”?Movement is defined as changing locations or positions, a group of people with a shared aim. The KETO/Low Carb diet is increasing in popularity across multiple market & consumer sectors.More people than ever are realizing that we flat out just take in too much sugar. In fact, we consume far more sugar and carbs than we could ever need. The KETO/Low Carb diet is simply the best, fastest method of achieving weight-loss, lower blood pressure, balanced blood sugar and increased energy.

Future of the KETO/Low Carb diet industry.

The worldwide low carb/ keto diet market is expected to experience exponential growth, due to the demonstrated health benefits, and overall health awareness occurring across the globe.The KETO/Low Carb diet includes protein, fat, and restriction of carbohydrates. The KETO/Low Carb diet was originally created to treat epilepsy. Today, it is more popular just as fast-food consumption is on the rise, sugar consumption is at an all-time high, and Obesity is more prevalent than ever.

In addition to reported benefits such as weight loss, blood pressure control, blood sugar reduction and controlling seizures, the KETO/Low Carb diet contributes to reduction of mortality rates from a plethora of illnesses including certain forms of cancer, many Alzheimer’s cases, as well as illnesses like obesity and diabetes. The KETO/Low Carb diet basically causes the body to burn “fat for fuel” instead of using massive sugar as a source of energy.The presence of ketones in the system keeps the body in “ketosis” and uses “fat for fuel” therefore resulting in rapid weight loss.

Market Developments.

  1.  Studies published in the Journal of Military Medicine state:  The KETO/Low Carb diet can provide a huge boost to the military. Despite the intense training and high physical requirements in the military, the army in the US continues to face issues of obesity . Many serving units are plagued with obesity, at the same rate as the general population. The study tested military personnel with keto diets and normal diets in two different groups. The participants on keto diet lost nearly 17 pounds on average. Additionally, with the help of counselors, they were able to sustain ketosis for 12 weeks on average as well. Growing scientific support and new applications like these can create important opportunities for players in the keto diet market.
  2.  Natural Grocers, a large retailer in the US has launched a nationwide six week, free program to promote keto diet on January 18. The program is supported by special coaches selected by Natural Grocers along and will offer free samples of Keto-friendly smoothies and keto friendly items. This is in line with the market survey that 60% of natural food retailers saw an increase in sales in 2018. Hence, retailers are expected to ramp up educational and promotional program to position themselves as the go-to healthy provider. This is a good news for the keto diet market and is expected to drive growth in the near future. 

Trends of the KETO/Low Carb diet movement.

The rise in obesity globally is intrinsically linked to increased risk of cardiovascular disease, liver disease, and other illnesses like hypertension, metabolic syndrome, etc. The KETO/Low Carb diet market is expected to make significant gains, thanks to a growing consumer awareness driving growth of weight-loss programs. Additionally, the ketogenic diet is witnessing a growing popularity in regions like Europe wherein it is most popular, followed by North America, driving major growth in total revenues. Moreover, the renewed interest in keto diets due to growing scientific studies and potential applications in retail as well as military training can be major frontier for growth in the near future. Hence, the global keto diet market is expected to register significant growth in the near future, due to growing disposable income, rising consciousness, increased promotional programs by natural food retailers, and various health benefits.

Facts about  the KETO/Low Carb diet movement.

  • The ketogenic diet was developed over 100 years ago.
  • Eating less carbs and controlling fat, protein and fiber, causes the body to burn fat and experience various health benefits, such as improved focus.
  • Keto-friendly foods include most meats, above ground produce, low carb vegetables, nut butters, MCT oil and grass-fed butter.   
  • Foods to avoid include: Most desserts, candy, breads, and all foods high in sugar.

My KETO Lifestyle™

My KETO Lifestyle™ exists to promote and encourage people to live healthy and reduce the insane amounts of sugar/carbs we ingest that we don’t need and that actually bring harm to our bodies. In this article we have discussed how excessive sugar/glucose actually feeds cancer, prohibits weight loss and delivers anxiety in many cases. We hope you find the balance you seek and reach your target weight & healthy body goals.

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6 thoughts on “The History, Rise, Future, Market & Trends of the KETO Lifestyle.”

  1. Hi, this is good information in a nutshell about Keto diet. I follow a healthy and natural diet on the Indian Ayurveda guidelines. However it is also interesting to know of other diets out there. Thank you for breaking down the article from the past to the future and the trends in our lifestyle.

    With regards to your comments on the intake of sugar and carbs, there was something about food that really got my attention on my last visit to Italy. Though the food is lovely and very appetising, I did notice that people eat too many pizzas and pasta dishes, which could be an excess and may bring about diseases. Thank you. Marisa 

  2. Thanks so much for sharing a good article to read to know more about the history, rise, future and market trends of the keto diet.

    I’ve been working on changing my eating habits and I find keto diet is good to give it a try, not easy at the beginning but it has so many benefits that it worth the work to keep at it!

    I also check on the recipes you have in your blog and they look so tasty I’m going to make them. 

    1. Hey Alejandra!

      Thanks!   I want to encourage you to get started with a low carb/KETO diet.  There are so many benefits.  Weight loss, lower blood sugar, less heartburn, lower blood pressure… of course that has been my experience and your experience may vary.  You can get a Free eBook called “Clever KETO Lifestyle”.


  3. I am in awe at people who embrace this lifestyle. I know, it takes lots of guts to control our cravings for sweets and any form of carbohydates.

    I am one person who doesn’t feel full if I don’t eat rice at least once a day. 

    I know I have to learn more about the keto lifestyle. Hopefully,  this is the start of modifying what I eat.

    Thanks for this important information. 


    1. Hey Marita,

      You will love the KETO Diet!  I suggest that you eat 3-4 average meals a day. Also, the low carb diet suppresses your appetite… you’ll see that the KETO Lifestyle is right for you!

      You can get a Free eBook called “Clever KETO Lifestyle”.


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