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My KETO Lifestyle™ exists to encourage, support and promote healthy living by re-tooling what we think about food, weight-loss, being healthy and our food supply. Do you ever think that just maybe the food/grocery/restaurant and medical industries are not necessarily looking out for our best interests? Now, we are not conspiracy theorists, but we do know that these industries often place profit above the public good. Why is healthy food so often difficult to find and so overpriced? Why is red meat demonized more than greasy, processed fast food? We need to understand that ingesting mass quantities of sugar, with carb consumption sometimes over 10 times the amount the body actually needs is not the path to a healthy life. Add sedentary living, pollution and overall stress and you have a recipe for disaster. Our purpose is to let you know that there is a better way. Obesity, pre-diabetes, high blood pressure and all manner of conditions literally run rampant these days. My KETO Lifestyle™ hopes to point people towards a healthier life with less stress, lower obesity, balanced blood sugar, less reliance on medications and to empower them to enjoy longer lives.

Contact: Jim Neace
My KETO Lifestyle™  |  P. O. Box 9791, Newport Beach, CA 92658   |   1-714-454-4655

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