Watch Out! Avoid these common mistakes on KETO!

Common Mistakes On A Low Carb Diet. 

You don’t need to attend a class to learn about the most common mistakes people can make on a low Carb diet. Carbs are great for quick energy but not so great for actually losing weight.

Here’s a handful of “all too common” mistakes we all can fall for while on a low carb diet. 

1). Crash Conversion:

Getting into ketosis usually takes several days. Don’t be discouraged if you’re not “in Ketosis” on day one. Your body is changing behaviors that it has followed for years, even decades. It’s OK to gradually convert your system from burning carbs to burning fat for fuel over a period of days. Try 100 carbs on day one (difficult enough), then 50 carbs on day two30 carbs on day three, and finally 10-20 carbs/day going forward. By then you’ll be in ketosis and on your way!

Stay Hydrated!

2). Not enough Water:
It’s very easy to become dehydrated while on a Keto/Low Carb diet. Your brain figures “we’re dieting” so you cut all consumption. Actually drinking enough water can help you feel full as well as keep you hydrated. When you are in ketosis your body naturally senses the ketones in your system and decides to flush them out. This expels water that would otherwise be available for use and can leave you high and dry. So start your day with a large glass of water and basically sip your way through the day. Make sure you hydrate again in the evening since your body need water to get through the night. Some have suggested consuming half your body weight in water. Confusing? Actually, here’s the formula:  If you weigh 160 lbs. divide 160 lbs. by 2 (80), and that’s how many ounces of water you should consume daily.

3). Not Enough Salt:
I know! Everyone is always saying be careful about consuming too much sodium. Stay with me here. When you stop consuming so much fast food, packaged food and junk food, your salt intake goes down. When your body starts flushing ketones, it flushes sodium as well. As you begin preparing well thought out, nutritious meals… remember to add salt!

Low Carb

4). Vegetables:
This one can be tricky. So… if you eat the wrong vegetables you take in too many carbs. You need to make sure all the veggies you eat are “on the list“. Also, we tend to think that certain vegetables are “zero carb” so we can eat as much as we want. Apparently: not true! Overeating (even approved) vegetables can bounce you out of ketosis in a heartbeat. The same goes for protein. (more on that later).  This matter of vegetables is critical and precise. You see we need to make sure we eat enough of the right vegetables, but not too much and make sure we avoid the wrong vegetables. The simple rule of thumb is this: vegetables that grow above ground are less in carbohydrates and vegetable that grow below ground are higher in carbs.

List: KETO Top 10 Approved vegetables (under 5g carbs per serving)

1). Cauliflower.    2). Green Beans   3). Zucchini.   4). Avocado
5). Spinach.    6). Asparagus   7). Kale.   8). Broccoli
9). Cabbage.    10). Brussels Sprouts  
5). Protein:
This one also presents cause for confusion. So, the world says eating meat is bad and the Keto/Low Carb community says meat is good. Our bodies need protein immensely and meat provides just that. Health experts suggest that a quality, low carb diet should include approximately 16 ounces of protein per day. They also prescribe 5 servings of approved vegetables. So “maxing out” on meat is also not the answer.
I have found that it’s really all about balance. Eat enough of the right foods. Direct your system to naturally burn fat for fuel. You’ll notice some welcome changes. Weight loss, yes. Slimmer figure, yes. Better mental clarity, yes. Lower blood sugar, yes. A more balanced metabolism, yes.
Enjoy finally being the one in control of your weight and your diet.

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6 thoughts on “Watch Out! Avoid these common mistakes on KETO!”

  1. Oh, yes, making mistakes can be so daunting. Finding out only later even more so. You pointed out some very realistic mistakes that actually might be avoided if someone drew our attention to them. Thank you for doing it so well. Not having results in dieting can be frustrating, but knowing what to avoid can make all the difference.
    Do you have some advice regarding fat?

  2. Water intake is so important for overall health, and when attempting to either lose fat or build muscle quicker, only an idiot ignores this pivotal factor.

  3. HI Jim! Great information. I have several friends currently on the Keto diet and they seem to feel better when on it. It was interesting to read about the vegetables. I knew about potatoes (which are one of my favorites, done anyway you can imagine, and with anything, maybe even ice cream… LOL), but I never really thought about the above ground vs. underground thing. Excellent rule of thumb to remember. Thanks for the info. Very helpful!


    1. Hey Darrin!
      Thanks a lot! The first step in actually knowing what we are eating. That way we can make well-informed decisions.
      Stay tuned for more great recipes and recommendations!


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